Friday, September 12, 2014

Polly Ceramica Autumn Give-Away

Polly Ceramica Gives Away Natasha Pendant and Matching Beads


I know that Autumn is upon us and the jewelry will go to the winner in late October, but there is a reason that I am offering such a Spring colored set of handmade pendant and beads.  Since the creation that I am giving away is an ensemble of hand sculpted Natasha style pendant and spiral striped beads in the same colors of lilac and Spring green,  the winner can make a necklace to wear for Easter and all Summer long.

This offering was suggested by the visitors to this blog when I asked for comments on what you would like to win.  Natasha style pendant, flat oval pendant, and beads for a jewelry designer to use in her own project were all suggested.  I got pretty close to answering all the requests with this Give Away, I hope.

 Just so you can make up your design in anticipation of winning, I will post the measurements of the pieces below these other views of the pendant back and edges, views of the bead holes and other placements of the beads.

I made this Natasha style pendant using the very same stack of clay sheets of lilac, green, white and a very thin sheet of black.  I folded the stack randomly, allowing the lines and colors to meander through the clay slab that I was making.  I then sliced off a section, manipulated it into a round cornered rectangle and sliced it in half lengthwise.  I opened the two halves, leaving them side by side and pushed them together to make a mirror image of the patterns that had developed within the clay rectangle.  

I shaped hand sculpted the pendant into the form you see here, consolidating the two panels securely and then it was on to baking, affixing the bail, glazing with 3 layers and baking again.  The bail is silver plated to maintain the cool colored palette.

I rolled the remaining section of the original stack of polymer clay and spiraled the stripes that represented the colored layers of the clay.  The beads were then pierced, baked, glazed with three layers and baked again.  

I think the winner will have some fun with this Do-it-Yourself kit.  

Pendant dimensions including bail - 31 mm (1.2 in) x 47 mm (1.8 in)
Bead average dimensions - 9 x 19 mm



I now invite you to enter the drawing: 
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3.  You are then included in the drawing on October 18, 2014.  

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

DianesDangles Won the Bronze Wire Necklace!

This is the handmade hand crafted bronze torque or wire necklace that Diane of won in the drawing that ended yesterday evening, August 20, 2014:

It is made of a heavy gauge bronze wire with a handmade hook and loop clasp.  The beads are secured with the same kind of wire in a finer gauge.  The focal bead hangs on a copper wire with copper spacer beads and blue agate accent beads.  

I will be selecting another handmade polymer clay pendant for the Fall Give-away some time in early September.  I will announce it in a blog here at this site, of course.  If you have suggestions of what you would like to win, just leave a comment below.  

In fact, I can give you some choices and your comment can be your vote.  Just answer this: 

I would prefer to win ….

1.  A large bead pendant   __round      __rectangular     __spiral        __melon     __barrel

2.  A flat oval pendant

3.  A small flat diamond shaped pendant

4.  A guardian angel pendant

5.  A Natasha style (mirror image) pendant

Your suggestions are actually helpful to me.  So if you prefer something other than one of these types, feel free to offer the suggestion.  Of course, diamonds and rubies are not made of polymer clay :).

I await your comments: 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Polly Ceramica Rides the Waves

Bracelet and Earrings in Waves of Blue, Yellow and Red 

Waves of color permeate this bangle bracelet and dangle earring set handmade and signed by the polymer clay designer, Polly Ceramica. Some of you know by now that I am that designer. I encouraged the colors to blend in such a way that they appear to glow from within. They are very vibrant because of the arrangement of the mica content in the professional jeweler's polymer clay that I use. 

The colors are integral to the pieces, they are not applied. I handle the art clay in such a way as to create a surface with a pleasing design and a very pleasant feel when you touch it. I do not usually varnish my jewelry creations. You can almost feel how most of my jewelry is made. This bracelet was made in my fold and scallop technique. It all began as I rolled sheets of the peacock blue, orange, yellow-green and bright red separately and stacked them in a pleasing arrangement so that the contrasts would remain vivid as I manipulated the clay. 

I rolled the stack of sheets long and flat enough that I could fold them back and forth upon themselves. I squeezed the stack of colored sheets from all sides, the ends and the top and bottom of the stack, so that the stack became a cube of colors, now slightly blending into each other as they met in various angles. I took my scalloped or corrugated blade and sliced through the stack from the angle I thought would make the most exciting design. I liked what I saw in my work so far. 

From there, it was a matter of laying each slice side by side and manipulating them into a solid strip of wavy color. I made the piece sturdy enough that it could bake standing alone without a form supporting it. The bracelet is dense and very durable. I gave it my usual test after baking and cooling. I dropped it CLUNK! onto a hard surface. It gave me that stony resonance that I like to hear when I test my pieces. 

I designed the bracelet to be ever so slightly taller as it circles the wrist to the 'top' of the arm, and at the seam resting near the tendon of wrist, it is a bit lower and curves in to follow the shape of the arm. 

Cutting thinner oval pieces large enough to show a matching pattern of colors for the earrings was an easy task after making the bracelet. I attached the colorful ovals with gold filled wire onto gold-filled ear wires. The intense blue Swarovski faceted crystals and the Sri Lanka rubies add to the sparkle in these brilliant pieces. The earrings are designed to be noticed given their color and length. 

The jewelry set is durable, color fast, and can be worn in rain, snow or sweaty summer weather. This set is definitely appropriate to wear on festive occasions. 

All my listings are guaranteed to please. There is a bonus for you buyers of my facingEASTdesigns and Polly Ceramica designs. Buyers in those categories receive a ten percent refund for buying more than one piece of jewelry in the same checkout cart. I am faithful in refunding the discount of ten percent off the price of the second item and all subsequent items in the cart.

Interior diameter of bracelet - 2.5 inches (64 mm)
Thickness of bracelet - 5 mm (0.2 in)
Height of bracelet 'front' - 1.5 in (37 mm)
Drop Length of dangle earrings - 4 in (10 cm)

Visit MY WEBSITE to see more of my creations. 

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

My Beginnings in Layering Polymer Clay Designs

Polly Ceramica Layered Natasha Style Pendant and Beads 

The making of Natasha style beads will have its part in this short blog entry, but first let me say what a sideways leap into polymer clay jewelry design this layering of clay pieces was for me.  Because I have enjoyed many compliments on this necklace, I can now admit to some of my qualms when I sat at my work table and squished my small Natasha style finished pendant into the textured raw clay background.  

The Natasha style pendant after all had been through all the steps of creating, baking and finishing.  It was ready simply to affix to a bail and hang on a chain as a complete piece of jewelry.  But the beautiful blue lines and swirls in the pendant cried out for something to emphasize them.  And there was another reason to increase the size of the pendant: the beads that I had made were large and very showy.  That told me this pendant had to be the focus of a statement necklace with a pendant that would be large enough to compete with the Natasha style beads.  

That is when I decided to squish or smoosh - whichever polyclay vernacular you prefer -- the finished Natasha pendant down into the textured blue polymer clay base.  I then baked the blue component with the depression sized for the Natasha pendant.  When it was oven cured, I smoothed it with micro grit fabric and set the pendant into the depression with jeweler's glue that is compatible with polymer clay creations.  

Here are some further details on the final creation:

The large accent beads on the strands of the necklace are made with the same technique and from the same prepared clay roll. That is, the pendant inlay and the large accent beads were all made from a roll of swirling designs organically developed within the roll of manipulated clay. 

The colors and shapes began as a stack of separate sheets of blue, silver, coral and pearl polymer clay. By manipulating the stack into a roll and then the roll into a twisted log, this design developed inside the smooth roll of clay. By then shaping it into a rectangular length of clay, trimming the sides and then slicing and opening a length of the clay, I found the design that had formed. I pushed the two mirror images on the slices together and hand sculpted it into the shape that now rests in the textured blue clay background of the pendant. 

The beads and pendant are finished with a jeweler's wax, so they emit a soft glow. 

After firing and finishing the picture panel beads and pendant, I strung the pendant and the matching accent picture panel beads with coral, sapphire, white bone and silver plated beads. The fastener is also silver plated; it is designed to make the necklace adjustable in length. 

The necklace bears a small bronze clay tag with the Polly Ceramica designer logo on it.  

For my designs of jewelry elements for your own projects, see this section of my studio.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Polly Ceramica Gives Away a Bronze Torc Pendant

Hand Sculpted Polymer Clay Colorful Wound-around Bead Pendant on Bronze Wire Choker

The center of attention of my give-away for the Summer Season is this long barrel bead of many colors as the pendant on the torc/wire choker.   I call it a wind-around bead because it is made in exactly that way.  After mixing up a pleasing number of pieces of clay and slices of colorful canes, I rolled the sheet of many colors to be very thin and flexible.  I then wound the sheet around a wire and hand rolled it to compact the layers of clay.  Such beads are generally made around a core of black or white clay, but this one was simply wrapped around itself.  

After baking the beads, buffing and waxing them, I set them aside to see what I should do with them.  

Much later when I looked at the set of matching beads and this larger wound bead,  I imagined them on a heavy gauge bronze wire that would hang the hand sculpted beads in the hollow of the throat of the wearer.  Then when I had put it all together I saw it as the perfect give-away for Summer.  

  In this close-up view, you can see the blue agate beads, the copper separator beads and wire.  The torc is made of the heavy gauge wire with casually wrapped spacers in a smaller gauge of bronze wire.  

In the photo below you see the complete choker necklace:

Another view of the various lines and shapes on the cool-colored beads.

This photo shows the other side of the beads.

You can see many more pieces of my polymer clay creations at my website

I also make elements for your own jewelry making.  See some of them at my website 

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

ShanghaiTai Won the Pendant!

I am happy to report that the Artfire seller Roxanne Coffelt,  jewelry artisan and owner of ShanghaiTai studio,  won the drawing of the Polly Ceramica pendant shown here:

Congratulations to Roxanne! 

I will be posting another item for a drawing beginning after the July 4th holiday and continuing for about 6 weeks.  Each time a visitor comments on any of my Polly Ceramica blogs, her/his name is tucked into my milk bottle for the next drawing.  So feel free to comment.  And you are always welcome to leave a comment on my polymer clay jewelry and jewelry components -- handmade polymer clay beads and pendants at my Artfire website.  The space for comment on this blog is just below this entry.  The space for comment at my Polly Ceramica Jewelry Studio is at the bottom of the pages showing each item. 

Thank you for visiting this little nothing of a blog, but I hope it is a good boost to the ShanghaiTai studio -- and of my own.  

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Malleability of Polymer Clay

Celadon Wide Bangle Bracelet, Impressed Designs Highlighted Gold Leaf

Not only is polymer clay pleasant to sculpt with our fingers into something new for a gift or as an object for sale -- or even for our personal adornment or for the dining table centerpiece, but it is also easy to use with other kinds of materials.

In some of my own creations, I like to keep the object as purely polymer clay as possible.  At other times, it may be almost unnoticeable that I have slipped some polymer beads into a jewelry creation.  I posted the photo above as an example of purely polymer clay except for the gold leaf wax polish.  

For pendants, I usually attach a metal bail, so I suppose that could be considered an adulteration of the purity of the polymer clay object.  For example: 

Natasha Style Pendant with Image of Copper Vase, Teal Vines and Leaves

In the case of the copper bail, I made it from my own sheet of copper and it has become a part of the design because of its size.  

An obviously intentional mixed media bracelet is shown in the example below.  It is made from my sheet of bronze metal and the polymer clay decorative strip I made and shaped before I attached it to the metal with jeweler's glue.  The agate beads, bronze wires and fastener demonstrate further how easily polymer clay can fit into a more complex design.  

Charm Bracelet Handcrafted Bronze Band and Brown Chalcedony Beads

Sometimes the polymer clay beads that I made by hand hide among the other elements in a necklace.  Can you guess which beads or pendant are the ones I made?  

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